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Growing up, I didn't play with toys that looked like me.  I didn't see anyone that looked like me on TV or in movies.  And I certainly didn't identify with whom I saw in popular teen media!  That's why I wanted to work in marketing - to shape perception and impact culture. Brands have the power to champion diversity, empower voices, and cultivate community.  I strongly believe that if you love a brand, you will shout it from the mountain top and become an evangelist.  Some of my faves: Nike, Strava, IRONMAN, Apple, KIND Bars, Fage Greek Yogurt, and Game of Thrones (yes, it's a brand!)   



As a senior marketing and media leader, I've created award-winning campaigns for global advertisers, ranging from fashion to pharma, tech to travel, beauty to booze. My background covers client, agency, and media partner roles, so I can problem-solve from different perspectives.  "Can you make the logo bigger?"  No prob. 


I've been lucky to work on talented teams at WarnerMedia, McCann, and LVMH, where I helped brands connect with fans and drove revenue for clients. I've created content that connects with consumers on every platform from the big screen to the small. While balancing and building relationships, I can wear all the hats and get it done from pitch to post

As a dedicated endurance athlete and IRONMAN finisher, I'm determined, persistent, and slightly stubborn when it comes to chasing my dreams.  I approach work like I do a race: set goals, work hard, have fun, get back up when I fall, and celebrate when the mission is complete. Although triathlon may seem like a solo sport, I'm my best self when training and growing stronger with others. Being on a trusted team is the most rewarding experience, on or off the racecourse. 

Looking for my next opportunity to make a difference.

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