Oh, hello...a bit about me

I like to tell stories, achieve results, collaborate with teams

and cross finish lines.

As a senior marketing and media leader, I create disruptive strategies and award-winning campaigns for premium advertisers across all categories, ranging from fashion to pharma, tech to travel, beauty to booze. My background covers client, agency, and media partner roles, allowing me to problem-solve from varying perspectives. 

At leading industry companies such as WarnerMedia, McCann and LVMH, I have generated innovative solutions and engaging content, helping brands connect with fans, ultimately driving buzz and revenue for clients. With seasoned experience in managing stakeholder relationships and multi-platform execution, I can wear all the hats, and get it done from pitch to post. 


As a dedicated endurance athlete and multiple-time IRONMAN finisher, I'm determined, persistent, and slightly stubborn when it comes to pursuing my dreams.

I approach my work like I do a race: set a goal, work hard, have fun along the way, get back up when I fall, and celebrate when the mission is complete. Although triathlon may seem like an individual sport, I'm my best self when I train and grow stronger with other people. Being on a trusted team is the most rewarding experience, on or off the race course.

When I'm not working or running, I travel the world to explore new cultures, art, and history to inspire my creativity!   

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to make a difference.

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by Mandy Wong.

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